I worked with Stitch Your Parachute to create some downloadable workbooks which help people build their resilience, as an extension to the training courses they currently provide. 
Inspired by their existing identity, colour palette and typefaces, I created a design that was clean, simple and appealing to a diverse audience. I used stitch elements from the logo to add personality and illustrations to break up the text. 
I had lots of fun creating illustrations that played with scale and used natural elements to show growth and development. I also worked with Stitch Your Parachute to update their five pillars infographic into the new style creating assets that could be used across their training courses and on social media.
“Working with Sharon has been absolutely brilliant, even though we’ve never met in person! All our meetings have been on zoom, but I feel as though she really ‘gets’ my work and what I’m trying to achieve. 
I engaged Sharon to create some illustrations and resources to help people build their own resilience. She has responded to my brief so creatively and her work has surpassed my wildest expectations. It’s all felt so seamless and easy - I really hope we can continue to work together in the future.”
Carmel Cardona, Stitch Your Parachute
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