Newcastle University had recently completed a feasibility study with 11-17 year olds at Duke's Secondary School in Ashington, into the use of ‘high-intensity interval training’, or HIIT to improve physical fitness and mental wellbeing.
They wanted an infographic which would show the journey the study had undertaken. It would be used primarily as a printed poster to be displayed within the school, which would inspire future students and acknowledge the effort put in by the current students. It would also be used digitally to share the findings with a wider audience.​​​​​​​
We kicked off the project with a discovery call so I could find out more about the study and the important elements to be included.
From our conversation I created a moodboard with reference images showing my recommendations for the style and format. The chosen format was a timeline so we could include key dates and we decided to incorporate colours from the schools logo to show the link to the students.
The finished infographic incorporates elements of fun and movement with illustrations depicting the different activities. The illustrations also visually break up the journey and help to easily transition through the different stages of the study.

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