Illustration of an open book with lots of objects and ideas coming out of it.  Illustration by Sharon Armstrong Creative
Illustration is such a versatile way to communicate and tell a story, especially when tackling a difficult subject or wanting to inject life into a brand. 

Illustration can create an instant emotional connection, as it hints to the person behind the brand. This is what helps to build the brand story and tells the viewer there is more to the brand than just ‘buy me’. 
Illustrations can be totally unique and can match your branding, it’s colour palette, tone of voice and style. They can easily make you stand out from competitors, engage with your audience and become instantly recognisable. 
Two brands which I’ve spotted recently using illustration in a very successful way to convey two quite difficult messages are Farewill and Penfold. 
Farewill take the very serious subject of death, which for the majority of people is something they don’t want to even think about let alone plan for. They use a simple, elegant, hand drawn style of illustration which shows sensitivity to the subject whilst conveying their simple, straight forward, step by step approach in a very appealing way.
Pension provider Penfold’s use of illustration on social media really caught my eye recently. They use a brush stroke style of illustration in minimal colours, conveying people relaxing whilst setting up their pensions which successfully emphasises their simple, easy to use, flexible approach.

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